Gilles's Favourite Parisian Cheese Shops

Knowing me is to know my love of cheeses. Therefore I think I can speak with authority, experience and love about cheese. Whilst I describe it as a national French food here is a list of a few of my preferred cheese shops in Paris - all renown cheese merchants and cheese refiners. But I also recommend markets like the Sunday Organic market in Boulevard Raspail for exquisite goats cheese direct from the farm.

1. Cremerie Quatrehomme - 62 Rue de Severs, Paris 7th Metro: Duroc

 My local when I'm staying in Paris. Bright and busy it stocks about 200 perfetly ripened cheeses. Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, Marie Quatrehomme runs what could be the best cheese shop in the world - definitely a shop you would love to spend time in where you'll discover cheeses you never knew existed. Don't hesitate to ask questions for the best to eat now as a lot of cheeses have seasons like fruits and vegetables.

2. Barthelemy - 51 Rue de Grenelle, Paris 7th Metro: Rue du Bac

A Paris landmark. A Mecca for cheese lovers. Every shelf and counter space is ladened with the finest cheeses. Raw-milk Camembert is the big draw card here as well as goat cheeses rolled in different spices- making the best cheese is an art and here they are presented in all their glory and magnificence.

3. Androuet - 37 Rue de Verneuil, Paris 6th Metro: Solferino

Again, family owned cheese shop (they have several shops in Paris), Master Cheesemonger and maturing expert since 1909. This shop is small and charming. You will be overwhelmed by the sheer selection of cheeses - every inch of the space is used to display more than 200 selections. The shelf of goat cheeses is absolutely amazing.

4. Laurent Dubois - 2 Rue do Lourmel Paris, Metro: Dupleix

400 different cheeses - Laurent Dubois is a master cheese refiner and excels at bringing all his cheeses to perfect maturity. His passion is to make masterpieces out of all his cheeses. It's between a museum and jewellery store. Every cheese is superbly presented like a prized piece of jewellery in its own box.

5. Also recommend Anne Marie Cantin, 12 rue du Champs de Mars, Paris - 75007 Metro: Ecole Militaire, Tour Maubourg

With its ageing rooms located below the shop. In the cow's milk cellar the floor is covered with pebbles which are watered down to maintin humidity and all the cheeses are aged in straw. Ask about the tasting sessions to discover the different family of cheeses and their history.