What's afoot for Father's Day?


At DÉCLIC, we don’t accept for a minute that socks have to be boring.

After all, look at the history. The earliest ‘knitted’ socks ever found (dating from about the fourth century AD) were a dashing shade of red. These stylish little woolly numbers were unearthed in Egypt and are on show in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. In the 12th century, middle-eastern gentlemen were gadding about in snazzy cotton socks with intricate patterns.

OLDEST SOCK - Oldest Sock (BLW Pair of socks" by David Jackson. Licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0 UK via Wikimedia Commons)

Knitting probably arrived in Europe around the turn of the 15th century and good housewives spent many an hour bent over their needles producing socks for the household. An English clergyman, William Lee, invented the first knitting machine in 1589 so the love of his life could look at him, rather than at her knitting.

Socks, often called stockings or hose, have been up and down ever since. A fine turn of leg was important for men in Tudor times, when trousers disappeared and upper garments grew shorter. Men’s stockings were often made of knitted silk and embroidered with elaborate emblems. Fast forward to the 1920s and golfers were complementing their plus fours with long socks in the famous Argyle pattern.  So when did we decide to settle for basic black?

12 Century Sock made in India and found in Fustat, Egypt

Personality for your feet

DÉCLIC has reintroduced the idea of “personality for your feet”. No matter how sober the suit, our colourful socks give modern men a chance to flash the occasional dashing ankle. Choose stripes, checks, diamonds – or even designs that reflect the interests of the golfing, cycling or tennis-playing Dad.

All our socks are made in Australia from the highest quality Australian cotton. We benchmark and test them against the best socks available internationally. We’re particular about comfort and durability, as well as having that fashion edge.

A little something extra

For a special gift idea, why not complement a great pair of socks with matching cuff links?  DÉCLIC’s boxed cufflink and socks sets pair some of our most popular and fun sock designs with matching enamelled cufflinks.  There are six different designs to choose from. Or how about our Daily Sock Box – a boxed set of seven pairs, marked with the days of the week.

All socks and gift sets are available in DÉCLIC stores or you can order online.  Get in early to ensure delivery in time for Father’s Day, 6 September.

Footnote. The washday bonus

If you’ve ever spend ages trying to pair up those “identical but not quite” black socks, think how easy it would be to match up these distinctive designs. Yet another reason to turn your back on black!