Shirts for Success

Your pre-loved shirt will make a world of difference to disadvantaged Australian youth and men who are about to attend a job interview.

By “buying back” your pre-loved shirts and donating them to Wear for Success, we feel that we can help make a difference to disadvantaged Australian youth and men. Our donated shirts will assist them to make a good first impression at an interview and empower them to achieve their employment goals. This not-for-profit volunteer organization helps the disadvantaged who need help to achieve self-esteem and self-sufficiency that comes with a job. Clients are referred to this Charity by social welfare and employment agencies.

We hope that this small contribution of those less fortunate than ourselves will help them be a little more comfortable.

How it Works

We will give you a $20 CREDIT on any new seasons DÉCLIC shirt when you trade-in one of your pre-loved DÉCLIC shirts or you will receive a $10 credit for a non-DÉCLIC shirt.

Visit a DÉCLIC store* and present your pre-loved shirt and we will give you a credit of up to $20 on a new seasons DÉCLIC shirt. Pre-loved shirts will need to be in good wearable condition (no rips or tears) and be freshly washed. Trade-ins, credits and purchases must be completed in one transaction.

There is no limit to the amount of pre-loved shirts you can trade-in, however only one credit will be applied as a discount against the full retail price of an individual DÉCLIC shirt.

Your pre-loved shirt will be distributed to Wear for Success.

Don't forget our shirt collection is constantly updated, so there is always new and exciting shirts available.

*Note this offer is only available at a DECLIC store, not online.