The Art of Wearing a Pocket Hanky

The Art of Wearing a Pocket Hanky

There are three main options for wearing a pocket hanky and any one of them will create a flash of individuality and add an independent edge to your personal style.

The secret of folding and wearing a pocket hanky is to make it look relaxed and comfortable for that nonchalant edge.

Of  course you can co-ordinate your hanky with your tie, jacket and shirt but a deliberate clash or contrast is often more effective than careful co-ordination and will make you look cool and be in a creative a world of your own.

The best fabrics for pocket squares are silk, silk blends and linen.

There are three options for wearing a pocket hanky
1. Stuffed or Puffed
2. Folded Strip
3. Folded Points

1.   Stuffed or Puffed 2.   Folded Strip  3.   Folded Points

Stuffed or Puffed – this style works exceptionally well with pocket squares that have patterned centres and plain borders of pattern variation, as it shows off the full extent of the design.
Typically the stuffed pocket square shows a large point at the front made from the centre of the fabric framed by points at the back made from the corners of the fabric.  The stuffed pocket square should look like it fell into place without any effort!!

Folded Strip – This works well with fitted suits as it is perfect for a slim and sharp silhouette.  Fold the pocket square into a square and slide into the top pocket. This leaves only a strip of fabric showing from the pocket.

Folded Points – The pocket square is folded to show three of the corners arranged so they are just showing from the top of the pocket.  Get all the points even and adjust the base of the folded fabric so that the intersecting bases of the point sit just above the pocket.