Exquisite Le Grew Ties now at DECLIC

DECLIC has introduced a new exquisite range of ties into our retail stores - Le Grew Ties.

Le Grew Ties, Japan Series is an exclusive collection of luxury ties bringing a uniqueness and quality of product to men's accessories in the Australian market.

The pairing of pleats and folds are reminiscent of the Japanese art form of origami with the subtle textural effect and hand-made finish disguising the intricate workmanship and intelligent structural design behind each Le Grew tie.  World-class style, tailoring, finishing and fabrics alongside the passionate attention to detail of the designer, gives every wearer of Le Grew ties the sense of accessorising with a piece of art, not just an accessory.

100% Pure silk, with intricate pleats and folds, hand covered buttons, unique in design - a statement piece rather than an accessory.