The Rebirth of the Tie

The tie and bow tie have been given a new lease of life.  Yes - the tie is back!

Ties and bow tie sales may have been floundering in the past few years, but lately stylish men have embraced a new skinnier type of tie, or a bow tie (pre tied or tie your own) as a style statement.

Ties are coming back into fashion but there is a different attitude than before.  Wearing a tie doesn't imply being formal the way it once did.  Today, ties manage to be a bit of self expression more than a concession to business dress.

DÉCLIC's new collection of ties and bow ties is a style essential for all men and all occasions.  Hand crafted in Northern Italy in the finest silk in amazing colours and patterns.  These days DECLIC ties are skinnier with a retro feel varying from 5cm to 8cm.   Skinny ties first originated during the late 50's early 60's - think of the Beatles.

In recent months the skinny tie has experienced a rebirth, but careful, it doesn't suit everyone.  The very skinny 5cm looks best on tall and thin men.  If you don't fit that frame, go for a bit wider, still slimmer but 8cm and no skinny tie with double breasted jacket and pleated pants.