Gilles's Favourite Macaron Shops in Paris

Macarons are the “IT” bag of the patisserie and people have been asking me where to find the best.  This month I will savour the best Patisseries and Macarons in St. Germain (6th arrondissment).

 The 6eme is lucky as it has an outlet of the best macarons from the three top Masters of Macarons.

Pierre Herme, 72 Rue Bonaparte, Paris  75006


A Pastry Master in Paris and Tokyo, dubbed the “Picasso of Pastry”.  A tiny shop where each patisserie is presented as a piece of art.  The macarons are a delight for all senses, a feast for the eyes.  Their fillings are creamy and wonderful with names like White Truffles, Lavender, Champagne and Wasabi-Pamplemousse. Be prepared to queue.  I have queued for 40 minutes (probably the only place I have ever queued!) but as my wife says, it is a rewarding experience and when you leave with your box, you know you have something special in your hand.


 Laduree, 21 Rue Bonaparte, Paris 75006


Almost part of the history of Paris, as old as the Opera Garnier.  Without a doubt, an institution with a drawback as it has become a bit of a tourist trap, and more of a “Salon de The” these days.  Still the macarons are a visual experience.  Try the licorice, anis vert, citron vert or cassis violette.  Service can be erratic – best to take them away in their striking packaging.


Gerard Mulot, 76 Rue de Siene, Paris 75006

The window is already a visual feast.  The jewel-like pastries and the macarons are shown like a work of art and they are good.  Oh yes!  Crisp on the outside and creamy in the centre.  Just being in the shop is a true sensory experience.  Gerard Mulot is also a Master Chocolatier and has the best Croque Monsieur and sandwiches on display with fancy offerings like salmon or avocado-mousse.  Get yourself a small picnic and enjoy it in the Luxembourg Gardens up the road.

If you have experienced any of these wonderful Macarons, I’d love to hear about your experience and if you have found other gems, please share them with us at

 A Bientot - Gilles