Aya Kawa Ties now available


Aya Kawa is an Australian company located in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. The business comprises of family and friends who have experience and passion for silk products.

The unusual and sophisticated neckwear is designed by Australian silk and textile master Lynne Elzinga-Henry and have a strong Japanese influence.
The company is founded on three key principles of tie making.
1. Distinctive Designs - They do not make ties which are solids, spots, stripes and paisley. Their design process attempts to capture the imagination by experimenting with designs, silk weaves and colours until they create something truely unique, exquisite to look at and luxurious to the touch.
2. Tie Specialists - They only make ties. Whilst some designers create a range of garments including ties - ties are their singular passion. Their head designer, Lynne Elzinga-Henry, has been working with silk and textiles for over four decades.
3. Premium Quality Manufacture - Their ties are made using the finest silks, interlinings, tippings and finishing. 


Aya Kawa believes in designing and producing a truly unique product for their customers. That's why they limit their production in any design colour way to only 139 ties.

Wear one of these ties and feel good about yourself.