About Products


DÉCLIC offers a wide assortment of high quality shirts for casual and business which are mainly made in Australia from double twisted Italian cotton and other premium cotton fabrics from high end European mills. Double-twisted (2 ply or 2 fold) is a double stranded thread fabric which helps the shirt retain its shape, gives it strength, extends the life of the shirt and makes it easy to iron. Our fabrics are comfortable to wear and feel beautiful against the skin. The fabric designs for DÉCLIC shirts are made in strictly limited production runs to ensure DÉCLIC customers are able to access exclusive garments season after season. It ensures the collection is invariably fresh and the chances of seeing someone else in the same shirt are small.

DÉCLIC offers 3 fits:  Classic, Tailored (slim fit) and City.

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DÉCLIC Purple Label ties are handmade in Italy from silk from the Como region.  They showcase the finest silk fabric and unique designs with passionate collaboration between Gilles Du Puy and highly trained artisans. DÉCLIC ties are available in strictly limited quantities providing our customers with style and exclusivity.  Punchy, graphic and colourful, DÉCLIC ties are designed with cheeky French flair. Check the famous tipping* behind most ties – it can often be a conversation starter!

Injecting an element of surprise DÉCLIC ties reveal an individual style to the man who likes to stand out from the crowd. Whether classic and chic or quirky and interesting, there is always a DÉCLIC tie to suit your mood or occasion. DÉCLIC also offers a unique selection of Special Event and Wedding ties of pure white, classic ivory and lustrous silver and wide a selection of co-ordinating colours that match your bridal party.

*Tipping:  Inside back of the necktie


Classic with a twist or fun and quirky, that’s the basis for the design of the extensive DÉCLIC cufflink range.Add the final co-ordinating touch to your DÉCLIC wardrobe.  Select from our huge range of enamel, rhodium plated, distinctive engraved patterned, crystal encrusted or fibre optic glass cufflinks - or for that very special occasion select from our Mother of Pearl or semi precious stone range of cufflinks.  

There’s something for everyone and every occasion. From the classic range for business to the fun range where you can express your own personal style and sense of humour, your wardrobe will not be complete without several different styles of DÉCLIC cufflinks.


So much about character comes through a man’s ankles.

DÉCLIC socks provide “personality for your feet” and the opportunity to put the finishing touch to each outfit. Known for stylish design, DÉCLIC once again innovates with its exciting sock range.  Whether it be beautifully ribbed plain socks or a quirky bright and rich combination of patterns - a pair of DÉCLIC socks will make you feel good. 

DÉCLIC socks are made in Australia from the highest quality Australian cotton and are benchmarked and tested against the best socks available internationally. With the highest quality and attention to detail, DÉCLIC has rejuvenated this very practical item of clothing and turned it into a fashion statement. Made of the finest fibres they provide comfort, durability and edgy fashion that gives a flamboyant modern feel to city dressing.